The CDWCO Point System

The CDWCO Point System seeks to reward Members for their participation in events, and their hard work with their equine partner. We have two point systems that riders can accumulate points towards at CDWCO approved events. The details on both of these systems are listed below. If you are interested in having your event qualify for the CDWCO point system, click here

Harmony Points

These are based on your Harmony with the group and fellow competitor, to reward participation and involvement. 

     Ride in a clinic:  20 points (40 point annual maximum)

     Audit a clinic:  5 points per day

     Volunteer at a CDWCO event:  5 points/2-hour shift 

     Attend a CDWCO playday:  5 points per day (30 point annual maximum)

     Ride in a CDWCO schooling show:  15 points per day

     Ride in a CDWCO Regional Gathering:  25 points per day

     Attend a CDWCO Board Meeting: 10 points per meeting

Partnership Points

These are based on your Partnership with your horse, which allows you to succeed in the show ring. These are tracked by horse and rider pair. It is a weighted placement system as follows:

# of Riders        Points for placement 

1                             1st = 2 points

2                             1st = 4 points,   2nd = 2 points

3                             1st = 6 points,   2nd =  3 points,  3rd = 2 points

4                             1st = 8 points,   2nd = 4 points,   3rd = 3 points,   4th = 2 points

5                             1st = 10 points, 2nd = 5 points,   3rd = 4 points,   4th = 3 points,   5th = 2 points

6                             1st = 12 points, 2nd = 6 points,   3rd = 5 points,   4th = 4 points,   5th = 3 points,   6th = 2 points

etc. ...

2021 Standings: Partnership (updated 7/24/21)
Division  Place  Rider          Horse           Points
 Amateur      1        Laura Cassiday       Bayou A Diamond       64 
              2        Kathryn Titus        Andi                  58
              3        Lorae Merritt        Mr. Z                 41
              4        Barb Ford            Miss Poker Fleet      40

              5        Ed Ranegar           Tangka                34
              6        Lauren Light         Freddie               27

              7        Penny Fonfara        Poet                  14
              8        Darci Acklin         My Sweet Summertime   12
              9        Kim Villamarin       Cavallia Luna         11

              10 (tie) Tiffany Brown        Miss Smokin Dash      9

              10 (tie) Lisa Cheney          Rainy                 9

              11       Penny Fonfara        George                8

              12       Kimberly Garrett     Sunshine Song and     7
                                            Dance Man

              13       Megan Osborne        Skippa Countess Lass  4

Open          1        Pam Pierce           Shine Bubba Shine     27

              2        Sheila Ranegar       Renegade              18

              3        Melanie Smith-Breidt Armada                14

              4        Pam Pierce           He's Got Shine        6

              5        Pam Pierce           Poet                  5
2021 Standings: Harmony (updated 7/24/21)
Place      Name            Points
1             Lorae Merritt         162.5

2             Laura Cassiday        160

3             Barb Ford             130

4             Pam Pierce            82.5

5             Lauren Light          72.5

6 (tie)       Ed Ranegar            50

6 (tie)       Sheila Ranegar        50

6 (tie)       Melanie Smith-Breidt  50

6 (tie)       Penny Fonfara         50

7             Jo Bottorff           45

8             Kim Villamarin        41.25

9             Darci Acklin          37.5

10 (tie)      Lisa Cheney           35

10 (tie)      Kimberly Garrett      35

10 (tie)      Pat Notter            35

11 (tie)      Bill Acklin           30 

11 (tie)      Kathryn Titus         30

12            Megan Osborne         20

13            Tiffany Brown         17.5

14            Lori Case             15

15 (tie)      Karen Deck            10

15 (tie)      Haylie Pomroy         10
Point System FAQs

Can I show in a pointed show in English tack?

You may complete "exhibition rounds" in non-legal tack at the show management's discretion. However, rounds completed in tack that does not meet the standards of the Cowboy Dressage rulebook will may not be counted towards show placings or year-end awards. 


What if I want to show more than one horse?

You are absolutely welcome to show more than one horse towards show and year-end awards. Please note that the horses' points will be tracked separately, as the goal of the point system is to reward individual partnerships. 

How many classes can I compete in per show?
For the welfare of the horse, Cowboy Dressage World requires a maximum of 4 ridden tests and 4 in-hand tests per horse, per show. However, if the rider is showing two or more horses, the rider may compete in more than eight classes. If a horse/rider pair inadvertently competes in more than four ridden and/or in-hand classes per show, then their four lowest point valued placements will be counted towards show and year-end awards.


How can I host a show?

We would love to help you get a Cowboy Dressage schooling show up and running. Cowboy Dressage World has published a lot of helpful information on hosting a show on their website, located here. We can provide a banner, and also have a full Cowboy Dressage court for rent for ($50/day). We can advertise your show, and offer year end points for approved events. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help your event be a success!