Our Generous Sponsors

Our Sponsors and their contributions allow us to continue the mission of promoting Cowboy Dressage and its principles within Colorado. If you are at all interested in supporting our organization, please visit our Join Us page. Any amount or other donation makes a difference. 

Gold Sponsors $500 and above
     Blue Sponsors
     $250 and above

Pam Pierce, Singing Dog Ranch
Red Sponsors
$100 and above
White Sponsors
$50 and above
Tracie Audette, Hay Wise Feeders

Lyn Ringrose-Moe, Cowboy Dressage Founding Partner
Friends of CDWCO
(any amount)
Bill and Darci Acklin

Francine Althoff, Higher Ground Equine

Lori Case

Karen Deck

Barb Ford

Rebecca Harshfield, Independent Rep
for Summit Joint Performance

Hillsdale Performance Horses

Terri Wagner