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The Cowboy Dressage World Mission & Vision

The mission of Cowboy Dressage World is to bring the Cowboy Dressage code and lifestyle to the world though educational, recreational, and competitive programs and events.


Vision Statement of Cowboy Dressage™ at Wolf Creek

Soft Feel (or Fresh Rein) is the guiding principle of Cowboy Dressage®.  It is a wordless, intimate and for some a spiritual communication within the partnership between horse and rider.  Soft Feel is not only sending messages but having the sensitivity and awareness to feel and receive the message the horse sends back.

The timing and use of the Release, Relaxation, Preparation and Execution are the basic fundamentals of Soft Feel.

Since Soft Feel is the mission of Cowboy Dressage® it will be scored with emphases on lightness, harmony, finesse and partnership as a priority.  Balance, cadence, carriage, control, and performance are additional areas the horse and rider will be judged and scored. ©

Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy aboard their horses

Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy
Founder of Cowboy Dressage®
Wolf Creek Ranch
Grass Valley, CA

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