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  • Due to rising costs, class fees have been raised for 2024 to $30/class for CDWCO members, $35/class for non-members. Horsemanship classes are $20/class for CDWCO members, $25/class for non-members.

  • In 2024, we’ll be using Fox Village Online, rather than Equestrian Entries, for registration.

  • For this show, you can enter up to 4 ridden tests AND 4 ground tests per horse per day.

  • To accommodate more people, please initially sign up for one day only (Saturday or Sunday).  You may be able to add the other day if it doesn’t fill within a week - we’ll let you know!


Prize List:

The following prizes will be presented on both Saturday and Sunday:

  • Partnership on the Ground & Liberty High Point Award

  • Challenge Court High Point Awards (Open, Amateur, and Youth)

  • Open Court High Point Awards (Open, Amateur, and Youth)

  • Silver Award (amateur, age 65+)

  • Rookie Award (amateur in 1st calendar year of showing)

  • Judge's Try Award

  • Volunteer Drawing


Entering the Show:

CDWCO is now taking all show registrations through Fox Village Online. You’ll only have to enter horse and rider information the very first time you use Fox Village Online unless there are changes.


You’ll pay for your entry with a credit or debit card. There is a 5% online processing fee (which goes to Fox Village), in addition to your class fees ($30/class for CDWCO members, $35/class for non-members) and a $10 office fee. Please Note: No refunds will be issued unless the show is canceled, or someone from a waiting list can fill your spot.

Creating a Fox Village Online Account (First Time Using the System):

  1. Go to and “Create an Account.”

  2. Click the “People” button, then “Add.” Here you'll add riders to your account. Families can add more than one rider or create separate accounts. Fill in the information for each rider.     

    • For “Rider Status,” enter “Jr/YR” (17 years and younger as of 12/31/2024), “Amateur” (18 years or older, who does not make a living or receive income from training, teaching/lessons, or clinics), or “Open” (18 years or older, who does make a living or receive income from training, teaching/lessons, or clinics).

    • You can ignore the questions about Memberships.

    • Click “Submit” when you’re done. Click "Add” to add additional riders to your account, or click on the “=” button at upper right to select “Horses.”

  3. Click on the “Horses” button, then “Add.” Here you will add all the horses you plan to ride in the show. Fill out the information for each horse.

    • Information after “Country of Birth” is optional (Sire, Dam, Microchip #, etc.)

    • You don’t need to upload any documents.


Signing Up for the Show

  1. Login to your Fox Village Online account with your username and password. If you have any changes to the information you entered previously (Riders, Horses, etc.), update your profile as described above.

  2. Click on the “=” button at upper right and select “Calendar.”

  3. Click on “CO” in the “State:” drop-down menu, and then click “Search/Filter.”

  4. The “Jeffco Cowboy Dressage Show Saturday” and "Jeffco Cowboy Dressage Show Sunday" shows will appear. Click on “Enter Show.” Important: Due to popularity of our schooling shows, CDWCO limits entries to either Saturday or Sunday for each horse/rider pair. Please only choose one day/date to enter. Choosing both will delay entry. (You may be able to add the other day if it doesn't fill within a week - we'll let you know!) Click on "Enter Show" again. 

  5. Entry Setup: Select Horse, Rider, Trainer, and Coach from the drop-down lists. Enter yourself as Rider, Trainer, and Coach. Click "Save and Continue."

  6. Documents: Please upload the signed CDWCO Liability Waiver and Media Release, if you haven’t already submitted them for 2024. We only need them once per calendar year, and if you’re a CDWCO member, you should have already submitted them.

  7. Classes:           

    • For “Is this a non-compete entry?”, select “No.”

    • Click on “Add a class” and scroll down to your desired class.

    • Click “Add Class - $30." 

8. Repeat above step to add each desired class. You can enter up to 4 ridden classes AND 4 ground classes (8 total). You cannot enter Liberty classes unless you have pre-qualified.  

  • The fee will auto-fill. Note: The $30/class or $20/class (Horsemanship) fees are for CDWCO members. If you are NOT a CDWCO member, you’ll be asked to add $5/class later. We MUST have received your membership forms and payment before entry to get member pricing. If you’d like to become a member, info is here

  • If you want to ride the same class multiple times, simply add it again. 

  • If you are entering Drill Team Freestyle, only one member of the drill team needs to enter/pay. The other member(s) should not sign up on Fox Village Online.

  • When you’ve entered your final class, click “Save and Continue.”

9. Stabling: Is $24 per night/day. Choose "By Day" to add the fee, or "No Stabling" to skip this selection. Please make sure to bring your own buckets, grain, hay, shavings, etc.

  • For the question, "Is this entry exempt from stalling?", click "yes." Then click "This horse is exempt from stabling requirements for a reason not listed," and type in "No online stalling for this show" in the box.

  • Skip "Stabling - Misc" and click on "Additional Fees."

10. Additional Fees: If you are NOT a CDWCO member, you must click on the drop-down menu and select “Non-CDWCO Member Fee ($5/class)” and enter the number of classes you signed up for. Failure to do so will result in registration delays.

  • Everybody is charged a $10 Office Fee.

  • When you’re done with this page, click “Save and Continue.”

12. Entry Review: Here you will see any missing information. Don’t worry about the errors saying you don’t have any documents attached. Click “Continue to Payment.”
13.  Review the fees and enter your credit/debit card info. Click “Pay Now.” Once your payment goes through, you’ll have the option of downloading entry confirmation. You’ll also receive an entry confirmation by email.

If You Wish to Make Changes After Entry
•    Please keep these to a minimum! If you absolutely must make a change, email us at
CDWColorado@gmail.comYou cannot make changes in Fox Village Online.

How to Sign up for a CDWCO Show
(use these instructions to register for the
Jefferson County Schooling Show on August 17 or 18, 2024)

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