CDWCO will now be taking all show registrations through Equestrian Entries. This has a number of advantages, including that you won’t have to print out entry forms, fill them out by hand, and scan and send them back! Also, your entry will automatically transfer to Fox Village, the program we use for our shows, so Show Management will no longer have to enter entries manually, saving hours of time and ensuring accuracy. You’ll only have to enter horse and rider information the very first time you use Equestrian Entries, unless there are changes.

You’ll pay for your entry with a credit or debit card. You’ll be charged a 5% online processing fee (which goes to Equestrian Entries), in addition to your class fees ($20/class for CDWCO members, $25/class for non-members), $10 office fee, and $5 points fee. Please Note: No refunds will be issued unless the show is canceled, or someone from a waiting list can fill your spot.

1.    Go to
Equestrian EntriesClick on "JOIN NOW" (purple tab) to create an account, username, and password.

Fill out the info and choose “Entrant Account.” Click “Register,” and you will receive an email to activate your account. Click on the link, fill in the additional info, and agree to the contract. 
2.    Once you’ve registered/logged in, you’ll be taken to your HOME SCREEN.
Here you will enter Rider/Owner information.
To input your information: Click on the grey “RIDERS” tab. Click on “NEW RIDER.” 
A pop-up window will come up asking a question. Check on “RESPONSIBLE ADULT” (unless you’re a minor) and “OWNER” (unless you don’t own the horse you’ll be riding). Click “NEXT.”
Another window will come up asking for your USEF number. Unless you have one, click “No thanks, I’ll enter the information myself.
3.    Fill out all of the Rider Info and select "JR" (under 18) or "SR" (Over 18). You DO NOT need to fill out the “Membership Info” or “Local/FEI Dressage Memberships” sections. Click “OK.”
4.    Click "NEW RIDER" again, IF you want others to be on your account, such as a spouse or a child.
5.    Back on your HOME page: If you are NOT the horse’s owner, click on the “OWNERS” tab and add the relevant information.
6.    Click on the “HORSES” tab. Click on “NEW HORSE” and assign an owner. 
When it asks for your USEF number again, click on “No thanks, I’ll enter the information myself.” 
Fill out the horse’s name, year of birth, height, sex, and color (don’t worry about filling out the other info, unless you want to). Do this for each horse you plan to show.
7.    Click on the “TRAINER” tab. The responsible adult (usually yourself) is automatically entered as the Trainer, so you shouldn’t have to enter anything else here. Don’t worry about the “Coaches” tab.
8.    Once you have filled out all of this info, IT WILL BE SAVED FOR ALL FUTURE EVENTS.


1.    "SIGN IN" to your
Equestrian Entries account with your username and password. If you have any changes to the information you entered previously (HORSES, RIDERS, etc.), update your profile as described above.
2.    Click on the orange “ENTER A SHOW” button.
3.    The Show Calendar will open. Click on the “SORT BY:” drop-down menu to select the MONTH of the show and the STATE of Colorado.
4.    Find our CDWCO show, and click on the orange “SIGN UP” button.
5.    Select the RIDER (check the box, if interested in volunteering), HORSE, and TRAINER (usually yourself) from the drop-down menus. If you are entering a youth (under 18), you would select yourself (an adult) as the Trainer. Leave “Coach” blank and click on “NEXT STEP.”
From the drop-down menu: Select  first CLASS you want to enter, select  your DIVISION [Adult Amateur (over 18 and do not receive income from training horses or teaching lessons/clinics), Open (over 18 and receive income from training horses or teaching lessons/clinics), or Junior (17 and under)]. We do not offer any divisions other than these three at our shows. Ignore the "Q?" as it does not apply to our shows. If you need help selecting classes, see Helpful Tips for Your First Show.
Click "ADD CLASS."
7.    Repeat above step to add each desired class (limit of 4 ridden tests + 4 ground tests = 8 total per horse). You cannot enter Liberty classes unless you have pre-qualified. 
The fee will auto-fill. (Please note, the $20/class fee is for CDWCO members. If you are NOT a CDWCO member, you’ll be asked to add $5/class later. If you would like to receive member pricing, we must receive your membership forms and payment before your show entry. Please click here for info on becoming a member).

If you want to ride the same class two or three times, enter the class once, then scroll down (after class 46) and select the same class with "Ride 2" and "Ride 3." For example, if you wanted to ride W/J/L 3 three times, you'd select "38. W/J/L3," "121. W/J/L 3, Ride 2," and "122. W/J/L 3, Ride 3."
Click “NEXT STEP.”
8.    We only offer stalling at certain shows. (For the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, all stalling will be handled through Expo and not here.) For shows that do not offer stalling, this section (Step 4) isn’t applicable. Click on “NOT APPLICABLE” in the red “MANDATORY!” drop-down menu and click “NEXT STEP.”
9.    Step 5: If you are NOT a CDWCO member, you must click on the box next to “Non-CDWCO Member Fee” and add the number of classes you signed up for. Failure to do so will result in registration delays. You can leave “Prize Money Paid To:” blank. Add any special needs/requests, if desired.
10.    Step 6: Signature Pages, etc. Here you will upload your signed CDWCO Liability Release and Media Release, or you can email them to us at Alternatively, you may bring the signed forms with you to the show; however, you may not enter the arena until we have received these signed forms. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you upload or email them, if at all possible, so that you have one less thing to remember on show day. 

Name and upload the forms (select type as “Other”). Once you have uploaded each form, go back to your entry and click on the red “include” button for each upload to include it with your entry.
Click “PROCEED.”
11.    Verify that the information on the “SUMMARY” page is correct. Check your classes carefully! Click “SAVE” if you want to leave and come back later, or “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” if you’re ready to check out and submit your entry.
12.    Review your fees and click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.” Enter your credit card information and submit (do NOT click back button). Once you reach the “Payment Received!” screen, you can leave the site. You'll receive an email stating that your entry and payment have been received. If you do NOT receive this email, please notify us immediately at You can view your entry at any time by clicking on the “SHOW ENTRIES” tab after logging into Equestrian Entries.

13. After the Show Secretary approves your entry, you’ll receive an email confirming your information. Please click on the link in the email, check over your entry, and click on “Accept” if everything looks good, or “Reject” if changes are needed. Then click “POST.”

14. After show registration has closed, keep an eye on your email for Ride Time assignments.

How to Sign up for a CDWCO Show
(use these instructions to register for the
Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Schooling Show!)